Archaeology comes to the rescue of a
17th-Century Shipwreck
Sir William Phips and the Count of Frontenac
Phips' Expeditions against New France
Discovery of the Shipwreck
Identification of the Shipwreck
Historical Importance of the Shipwreck
Collaborators and Bibliography
Groupe de préservation des vestiges
subaquatiques de Manicouagan

1996 ( 1 - 2 ) 1997 ( 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 )

Working Underwater
Artifact Conservation
Archaeological Expedition
Treatment of Concretions
Archaeological Expedition
Artifact Collection
Reburial of Shipwreck
Artifact Conservation
Archaeological Expedition
Diver Training
Disassembly of the Ship's Structure
Reburial of the Ship's Timbers
Removal of Concretions
Artifact Conservation (in French only)
    * Description of Objects 
    * Cleaning Operations 
    * Drying Operations 
    * Emergency Treatments 

and Other Articles of Interest
Weaponry Recovered (1996)
* (Shooting Accessories)
* (Historical Significance & Further Reading)
Restoration of a Cauldron (1998)
Continuing conservation of the Cauldron (1999)
NEW : Wine, punch, and a cup to drink them from! (2002)
I'm Not a Pawn! (in French only)
Spoons (in French only)
Ceramics (in French only)
Québec Place Names (in French only)
Patinated Glass (in French only)
First Song of Victory (in French only)
A Gift from the Past (in French only)
A Cartridge Pouch (in French only)
Anchor Stock and Rib Timbers
(in French only)

The Data Bank
* Information (in French only)
* Content (in French only)

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Pointe-à-Callière, Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire de Montréal has inaugurated in March 2002 an interactive game specially designed for a young Internet audience : A Sunken Ship's Tale. The Game.